June 20, 2010

Dog days

These are the dog days of summer. Currently 86 degrees at 9 am. Yet, early in the morning it is still great to be outside. It's a matter of adjusting our activities to the temperature. Dan took Emma for a turn around Blacktail Hill at 6 after I took her for our normal morning walk. They both came back hot and thirsty, and Emma tried to take a bath in her water bowl. I need to set up a little pool for her.

While they were gone I did the morning chores, prepared a late breakfast, and kept an eye on Shawna, who is improving and in a lot less pain than a few days ago. She is still not putting a lot of weight on that leg, but she appears more comfortable and is certainly back to eating and drinking as normal.

As we were having breakfast, a large family of scaled quail came by for some seeds and a drink from the wildlife dish. We have not seen a lot of quail families this year, probably because they are also fed at Dave and Barbara's, and there is more protection for the birds there.

We are holing up for the rest of the day, watching some of the World Cup matches and the US Open, and enjoying a beet-and-carrot-salad lunch from the garden. Life is Good!


webb said...

86 at 9:00. That makes me feel guilty about complaining about the heat in Virginia. We didn't get there until nearly noon! Stay cool.

Gail said...

We are not as hot here but in the high ninties. Tuesday shall be a hundred with lots of humidity.

Stay cool.

Anneke said...

Well, you know what they say here: "but it's a DRY heat", which does make it more bearable. And we rarely top 100, unlike Tucson or Phoenix. I do not envy you, or Webb, a bit.

Merri said...

Ew! too hot already! make it stop!
- The Equestrian Vagabond