June 26, 2010

Lying low

I am not sure if I should use Shawna's recovering hip as an excuse, or whether I should just admit that this is June and hot and that's why nothing much is getting accomplished at the WD these days. Shawna does continue to improve, and I am so glad that she appears happy and currently in little pain.

Early in the morning I patrol the garden of course; I have harvested the first zucchini and cucumbers and continue to pick peas. The winter squash is starting to take on frightening proportions and the garden will soon soon be in danger of being taken over by either them or the grapes. I also picked our very first apricots ever, just to test, and they are delicious. Hopefully I will beat the birds to the rest of them tomorrow morning.

I see another leisurely week in our future; I do want to observe doctor's orders and keep Shawna quiet and make sure that she is not licking her hip. Between the World Cup and our wildlife we are not in danger of being bored.

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webb said...

Apricots! I am so incredibly jealous. It's truly my favorite fruit and we only occasionally get a decent ripe one. Mostly they are mealy, disgusting things. Apparently no one grows them locally. Think of me when you eat them - please!!