June 6, 2010

Baby, it's hot outside

It was already in the 70's when we got up this morning, so we abandoned our original plans of hiking and spraying Russian thistle, and decided to stay cool instead. Maybe give Shawna a haircut and see if we can get her more comfortable in the summer. I do not know what possessed me to bring a Sheppamute (German Shepherd/Malamute mix) to the desert, other than that she was really pretty. I brush both dogs every day, which is also out of self-preservation (mega hairballs inside), but she just has a ton of hair.

When we were in Texas, Denise's dog Zach, who is a retriever, looked so cool and comfortable in his all-over-except-head-and-tail clip. Shawna pants all day and all night, and I felt we had to do something. So here she is before and after. I think she looks very nice, and tomorrow we will go back and take off a little more. The underhair on that dog is a down blanket. No wonder her fur is preferred nesting material.

This is not Shawna, but a coyote who is just getting up from a naplet in the shade this morning. It is warm, and will be 99 this afternoon.

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