December 1, 2009

Going for snow

The weather system brought just a dusting of snow to the higher elevations last night, but it is back to sunny, though cool. We decided that a hike would be a good idea and we headed out to the hill with the hole in the top, with a flashlight this time.

We did not encounter snow, it would take us too long to get to those elevations and by then it would have all melted, but we did make some new discoveries. The hole in the mountain is just that, a hole, and not a mine as we had previously thought.

We also found a fenced off area that was set aside in 1965 by the Forest Service to study the difference in the environment between areas grazed by cattle and those by deer. It did not look like anyone had been there since then, and because the area outside the fence has not been grazed for years, there was hardly any difference.

On the way down we came upon a great stash of crystallized rocks, of which I had to bring home a number of course. I plan to use some of them in my driveway entry project. It is a good thing that I have a small pack, or I would have been bringing home 100 pounds.

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