December 18, 2009

Hill 5756 via Sparkle Ridge

When we were on Hill 5445 last week we saw this interesting ridge that is really part of Mt Glenn, but which did not look too daunting. It is a little further from home, but we opted to walk out our back gate anyway rather than driving part of it. We just packed a sandwich instead and set out with Emma.

After an hour of easy hiking we started going up the ridge at some watertanks, left over from times when cattle grazed here in the National Forest. The going was pretty easy, though we had to choose our path carefully to keep Emma from getting too many prickly pear stickers. This time we brought tweezers.

The rocks here are fascinating. We walked over some sedimentary rock and suddenly we were upon the metamorphic rocks that have a lot of quartz crystals. They sparkled everywhere, and some of the crystals were big. I oohed and aahed, and we finally set some favorites aside to pick up on our way back: no use lugging that stuff to the top. People had obviously been there before, but we discovered it by ourselves.

At the very rocky top we ate a quick snack and scampered down again, picking our new finds up on the way. Dan overlaid our GPS trail on the Google map that shows exactly where we were. So much more to discover!

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Gail said...

I am a rock hound and would be in hog heaven if I found a treasure like that.