December 11, 2009

Driveway project

It's kind of like when you have little on your to-do list: nothing gets done. We have been hiking and riding so often that our projects have taken a back seat. The pads for the driveway entry sign were poured weeks ago, but that's been the extent of it.

The last couple of days have been great, windless, weather however, so we decided to get cracking and do the rock work. It was to be my project, but it was obvious early on that I was not on the right track (admittedly), and I asked Dan to take over under my watchful eye.

We worked all morning yesterday and were able to finish up one post today. I now need to gather more Goldilocks rocks (not too big, not too small, kind of flat ...) and we can finish up the rock work next week, if the weather is conducive.

One interesting tidbit: when we started work this morning, with temperatures still warming up from the 30's, we found this young western banded gecko clinging to the curing mortar. It probably came for the heat from the chemical reaction, and sure liked sitting on my hand. When he was good and warm we put him under a protective yucca.

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