December 16, 2009

Saddle tryout

We have a new neighbor moving in, half a mile away. She is a bit younger than we are, and from the few conversations I have had with her, she is a real horsewoman. She splits her time between here and Vermont where she and her husband have a farm, and she talks of breeding Morgans at some point in her life.

One of the times she rode up to the WD, I admired her saddle as it seemed so light. It is an endurance/trail saddle. Cindy immediately offered the use of an extra saddle she had and an hour later the saddle was in the tackroom.

This puppy weighs only 12 pounds! Compare that to the 45 pound saddle I normally ride. There is no way I can lift that onto the horse gracefully, so Dan rigged the mounting platform so I can saddle from it. But check this out: that is me holding the saddle over Buggsy's back.

And here is how it fits. We have taken it out twice, and I think Buggs likes it as there is real spring in his step. I like it too other than saddling and unsaddling, because it is close to the horse. Dan and some of the other guys think it is "not secure feeling", but I think I have a winner.

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Shannon said...

I think that is why I have always preferred English riding to Western... the saddle is smaller and I feel more in tune with the horse's movements and I feel like I can give smaller cues and be "heard" better.