November 30, 2009

Winter storm warning

At first blush/dawn, it appeared that the hype about the Weather System was, as usual, greatly exaggerated. It did rain last night, almost 0.25", and there is snow in the surrounding mountains, but the sun was mostly out and during the morning walk I had to take off my jacket.

But right now there is a cold, northerly breeze blowing and it is partly cloudy, so I am inside rather than gathering rocks for the driveway entry which was my first plan. Dan is in the shop making the forms for the driveway project and I hope to get going on cementing rocks perhaps later this week. But then, there is riding and hiking to be done, and this week is the trek to Tucson for groceries ...

The cactus wren is still working on his nest. I may be totally wrong on assuming that it is a nest. Perhaps it is a downy and feathery place to spend the night. The curvebill thrasher has been by to pull part of it out of the roost, and the roadrunner was eyeing it from the porchlight. Would he really think that there are eggs in there? Perhaps it is just wishful thinking.

The stalls are a mess, the only drawback after rain (oh bless Arizona, after Oregon), as are the horses. Buggsy, as the true desert horse, had some trepidations in getting out of his stall as there was a puddle in front of his gate ... (yuck, in horse language). Never mind that he will be rolling in mud momentarily.

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