December 5, 2009

Christmas prep

All indications are that Dan and I will spend Christmas alone, which is just fine with us. I briefly thought about not putting up decorations, but dismissed it quickly. Not celebrating a holiday is giving up on a special time of year, and giving up on building memories that will be precious to us. One day will just blend into another, and when you die you will wonder "where exactly did time go?".

When I lived in the city and drove through the country on the way to our boarded horses during dark, late afternoons at this time of year, I loved seeing houses decorated with lights. It all seemed so welcoming. Now that we live in the country, where there are hardly any lights, it is our turn to make our house look inviting and happy.

Dan is currently working on getting the 1600 lights on the Christmas tree that my friend Lucy gave us last year, and I will hang ornaments tomorrow after our Stronghold hike. Then it's time for some holiday baking! I already have one invitation for a cookie exchange and this year I want to especially honor my grandmother and try to replicate some of her holiday recipes.

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