December 8, 2009

A perfect baking day

The storm system did get here, but as usual there was a lot more hype than action. We did wake up several times last night wondering what those noises were (there goes the patio table, what do you think that was?), and I spent some time this morning retrieving our possessions.

The bird feeders were blown off their stand, the patio furniture was laying among the cacti in the yard, but the Christmas lights on the house were still there. The biggest item that was moved was a horse feeder that had been standing upright in the barn, leaning against the wall of the tack room. The wind must have blown it through the barn and along the drive, rolling along Buggsy's stall. No wonder the poor guy could not eat this morning: he's still freaked.

I am planning to get cookies (ginger crackles) going for the cookie exchange and I also want to try my hand at some truffles. Good morning to be inside. But six to 12 inches of snow ..., yeah, right.

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