December 23, 2009

White pre-Christmas

We were sure we were going to be skunked again. The weatherman predicted rain and snow last night but when we went to bed there was just howling wind: it looked like the system passed us by. I woke up during the night hearing rain, but I was surprised to see snow when we got up. This may be the most accumulation we have seen here yet. The wind was still blowing, and the morning walk was cancelled, or at least postponed.

A pack of four coyotes sauntered through the front yard when we were having breakfast, in a lazy pursuit of a cottontail who got away without putting on any afterburners.

The horses were fine, as long as the hay keeps being dispensed, but the hens will have none of this. Their door blew open during the night, but nobody is venturing out in the snow.

The dogs do enjoy this weather, especially Shawna of course, who is finally in her "'Mute" element. Tomorrow's forecast is for sunny, and in the 40's. At least I can depend on the weatherman to get that right.

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