June 8, 2009


Today was the day, and they are up! And they are strong!

It did not take us long to get into a rhythm of getting the trusses onto the bond beams and fastened. It helped a lot that everything fit beautifully, and that there were no "well, gosh darn, that will have to do"'s.

The entire roof looks solid and aestetically pleasing, and we were done before lunch, and before the wind picked up. We should hire out ...

This is totally unrelated, but I did want to share this picture of the young finch that was perched on a plant cage when I put the chickens to bed yesterday. He must have just fledged as he was quite unafraid of me. This morning he was still there, but I convinced him to fly off before he became some hen's breakfast.I love that punk hairdo.

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DJ said...

I look forward to the daily updates on the house. It's just amazing to me how quickly this has gone up. Almost makes me want to live out in the country (but not quite, I do much better with country vacations rather than country living.

Love, Denise