June 25, 2009


I had been wondering about the lack of eggs the last couple of days, but blamed the suddenly hot weather. Laying an egg is big business for a chicken, my vet friend, Mary, once explained. Why do you think chickens squawk during the process? Think it feels good? I, the city kid, had never thought about that, even when I started on this chicken adventure. I have more empathy now.

But I digress. This afternoon I went to collect eggs and guess what I found in one of the nesting boxes, neatly curled up? Now for you "herpophobes", don't freak! He may look like a rattlesnake, but he is just a bull snake. When I first saw him he was just about to swallow an egg and his mouth was fully extended. I had to run to the house to get the camera, so by the time I got this picture taken most of the egg was already down the hatch.

Dan and the snake tongs again to the rescue. The snake was deposited out by our dry lake and then herded to the mesquite bushes so he would not overheat. What an experience! I must admit I was happy he was not a rattler. I will be on the lookout now.


Emily said...

Uh - Oh - Do I need to leave this one out of La's prints too? That snake is much scarier than the last snake wrangler post! Personally I like the part where you shoo it into the mesquite bushes so it doesn't overheat!

Anneke said...

Don't you think it is too late to protect an 80-something-year old from real life :-)?

You have no empathy for snakes either? They belong here, you know :-).

There is a trip in this guy's future though as he keeps coming back to get more eggs. We are on the lookout for him now.

Emily said...

I used to have a pet california king snake. She was quite beautiful, black and white striped -named her Cleo.
I will defer to DJ on her Momma :)
I love your blog and can't wait for updated posts!

Anneke said...

I am glad you are still enjoying the blog. I much enjoy writing it. It makes me realize what a great life we are living here.

And on the snake, see! They are not all bad, and quite beautiful. Would love to hear more about Cleo. Yesterday we rescued a gorgeous Diamondback from the strawbale house. Decided not to blog about it because people may be getting "snaked out" :-)