June 6, 2009

"Small" jobs

Dan and I took some days off from helping David and Barbara because of domestic/barn logistics, and then the weather forecast called for high winds: not the best time to be hoisting trusses up. Wind gusts of 50 mph are not unusual here and David decided that, given that we still have time to make the house weathertight before the monsoons arrive, we would wait for a calm day to do the next heavy lifting (literally and figuratively).

But work on the strawbale house continues. Dan helped Dave dig the holes for the all-around-the-house porch with the tractor, and build the collars for the supports. Dave and Barbara have been busy mixing concrete, pouring, and setting the brackets for the posts.

We worked in the shop, and Dan made a couple of super Adirondack chairs for the shop/shed porch. It will be nice to be able to sit out there and take a breather from whatever project is being work on. The chairs are the best he has made yet, and I think it is appropriate that a woodworking project should be gracing the shop porch. Problem is, we cannot sit out there right now: there are finch babies in a nest just under the porch roof. They are all fuzz right now, but should fledge in another week or so.

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