June 16, 2009


Now that the porch and roof are covered, it is time to put the metal on. When we moved building materials from the WD to the strawbale house site, Barbara suggested we leave the metal in the horse trailer, and just work out of it. A splendid idea!

Dan and Dave put up fascia and drip edge, and laid out the felt paper. Of course a gust of wind caught it and everything had to be firmly tacked down again, but no harm done.

Barbara and I got our metal prep method down quickly. Dan's and my experience in putting up the shop/shed at the WD last year stood us in good stead. We learned some handy tricks and we soon were a well-oiled machine.

We knocked off at lunch time and will be off the project until next week or so. Dave and Barbara have family reenforcements coming from Phoenix who want to contribute to the building process. Dan and I need to see to some of the needs of the WD and its inhabitants.

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