June 14, 2009

Hips and gable ends

We are sure having some unusual weather this June. It generally is hot and very dry. Yesterday we had monsoon-like weather again; there was just a little rainfall at the WD, but we saw squalls hit the valley all afternoon. Temperatures are in the 80's rather than in the 90's, and it sure makes working on the strawbale house a pleasure.

Today we split our efforts: Dan continued to calculate and install the hips while Dave, Barbara and I worked on the gable ends. Barbara manned the saw while David did the installation. We made one conceptual error but no harm done, and we still had material left over.

The wind is up again this afternoon, so we decided to install the rest of the OSB on the hips and the roof tomorrow early, while it is still calm.

It is interesting to see that the house is being investigated by the local wildlife. This morning we found this cottontail digging inside and we have had to chase some juvenile antelope ground squirrels out who are looking for the seeds that have fallen from the straw (we think it is oat straw).

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