April 16, 2011

Summer do

It's warming up a bit these days. We must have adjusted nicely to the desert climate because what I used to call "hot" (80's), is "lovely" now. Still, for Shawna, our SheppaMute, anything over 50 is a reason to pant.

We got the clippers out today and Dan put her in a ribbed t-shirt, or at least, that's what it looks like. She is a different dog, all white and sleek. The procedure is tolerated, but we think she loves the result. Now it's just a matter of a little fine tuning every month or so until October.


webb said...

Now Shawna and I have the same haircut, altho it appears that I pay way too much for mine! Wish I had her lovely blonde color, tho.

I love your perspective on the temperature. I also find 80's "lovely" (if the humidity isn't also in the 80's as it often is here!) but am not sure how I would fare in your desert during the really hot times of the year.

Anneke said...

I think you might be surprised about our summer heat. It may be "hotter" where you are because of the humidity.

As for the haircut, that makes 3 of us :/