April 21, 2011

The backside of Rockfellow Dome

We extended our weekly conditioning hike by exploring the loop around Rockfellow Dome. I had already decided to not complete the loop as this approach route to the Dome is not my cup of tea. Too many unprotected high spots, too bouldery, too steep, not enough foot hold, especially with Emma along. So call me a woos.

Nevertheless we did find the little trail that allowed us to hike up to the Dome from the backside, enjoyed the view into the valley west of us, and called it good. All in all a 3 hour hike: we will be enjoying our dinner and a movie (The King's Speech).

1 comment:

webb said...

Am awed by your industry to keep walking/climbing and you keeping to it. But then, what a gorgeous place to hike. I'll feel better by proxy.