April 7, 2011

In bloom

I am finally getting around to do some spring cleanup in the landscape. Unfortunately, but no surprise, I did lose a number of plants due to a hard freeze this winter. Any plants that were marginal in our Zone 7 died. The palo verde is gone, although I did see a possible seedling nearby, the acacia berlandieri, and all 4 senna plants. The Black Jack fig has died, but appears to be sending up new growth from the roots, and the 4 grapes have also bit the dust.

There is a lesson to be learned from this, and I am learning it. Stay with cold hardy plants, preferably natives. Many plants are doing great and need to be cut back, and after having lived here for 7 years, lots of good looking volunteers are popping up. So I am listening to Mom (Nature), and whatever is tender will go in pots on patio and either be carted back and forth to the garage in the winter, or will just need to be replaced.

Several plants are currently blooming and magnificent. Different penstemons are in flower, as are the chocolate flowers and the ericameria. This yucca rostrata is adding a bloom spike every year now and I love the sheen on the flowers. It's relationship to lilies is obvious here. There is also a hedgehog cactus that stands protected in the driveway, and which never disappoints with its blooms.

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webb said...

I love comparing YOUR zone 7 with mine. So different, yet so the same. Well, if you don't count the cactus and the roadie! Love those cactus blossoms.