April 6, 2011

In velvet

After suffering the cold of the decade, we are getting back into some activities. Apparently being among people on vacation is not conducive to our health. Not that it's going to stop us.

To test our lungs, we went on our little "outback" hike. It takes us by a beautiful ocotillo; I would like to know how old this plant is. In spite of our dry winter it is putting out leaves, which makes it look as if it's in velvet. Red flower spikes, the delight of every hummingbird, will probably be added next month. It takes little moisture, and only 72 hours, for the ocotillo to leaf out, but when it's dry it just shows bare stalks.

We are due for a storm to pass through over the next couple of days, and I hope there will be some moisture in it as our desert is very dry. Nonetheless, plants do thrive here and set leaf or bud, like this prickly pear.

We survived our outing well, and I think I am going to kick it up a notch tomorrow.

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webb said...

Is that "my" ocotillo? I love the way it looked last year! enjoy!