January 31, 2011

Bloomin' Monday

One of my blog friends, Jane at smallbutcharming, suggested last week that her readers post something in bloom in our respective houses today. I had hoped to show a picture of the orchid that I have coaxed into bloom again, but the buds have not yet popped.

So I headed outside and asked Dan to photograph the emu bush, Eremophila, that is blooming in a pot. It is not cold-hardy enough to be planted in the landscape and frankly, I am very surprised that it survived the last cold snap. Better get the blanket ready for tonight, because we are in for some more Weather.

I have to make note of the fact that we took our conditioning hike today (one never knows how the weather will be the rest of the week), and when we left the parking lot, a family of javelina crossed the road right in front of us: 3 adults and 2 babies which were the size of chihuahuas. Too bad I did not have the camera in hand. They are too cute.


flwrjane said...

That is so beautiful and a plant I have never heard of.

Need to link you up and then google it.

Thanks for joining in and sharing something new and different.

xo Jane

webb said...

That's beautiful and something I have not seen before. Thanks for sharing!

flwrjane said...

Looked up the plant. Is it always a pot plant for you or can it grow in the blazing sun and dirt of Az?

Also looked up the animals, creepy, not cute. You must be confused:)

Anneke said...

Jane, emu bush can be grown in the ground in lower desert zones, like Tucson, Phoenix. We are at 4500 ft (Chihuahuan desert) and are in effect a zone 7; it's too cold in winter so it will remain a pot plant here.

What do you mean javelinas are creepy :-)? They ARE ugly, but so ugly they are cute. Especially the babies.