January 1, 2011

Another year, another blog

The year is off to a good, but chilly, start. Our weather station recorded 11.5 degrees this morning at 5 am. The good part is that we have electricity and heat. We are running around taking care of the outside animals, carrying (hot) water and throwing seed. Still, there was a hummingbird on the feeder just after sunrise, and I have had to replace the food already once because it is only 24 degrees at 9:00. Temperatures are forecast to rise to 40's during the day, in the teens again tonight.

So, we are holing up with a fire in the fireplace, leftovers from last night's party, and the college Bowl games.

We wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year!


webb said...

I sure do hope that hummer realizes how lucky he or she is to have you! Didn't know they could survive in that cold!

A beautiful morning here, too, altho 40 degrees warmer!

Happy New Year!

webb said...

Commenting on your comment over at The Garden Bench...

First, I had wondered about your background because I knew an Anneke from Denmark once and thought you could be Danish, too.

Secondly, less vs. fewer - one of my pet hates! along with "over" when you mean "more than". So happy to meet a fellow Grammar Grannie. Ms. Caroline Bender at Drawing In belongs to our group, too!

There's a book I want to get by two guys who spent a year traveling around the US talking people/business owners into changing incorrect signs. The book is the story of their year. I think I will like them!