January 3, 2011

Thawing out

Sun's out, temperature's in the 50's, and it's a mess outside. One giant mud hole. Our soil is more clay here on the bajada than further down, where it is more sandy, and with the snow melting we sink 2 inches into soft and slippery goo. One forgets about that when it snows and it's freezing. Nevertheless, it is great for the plants to get that lovely moisture, and it will dry out here quick enough. I just have to take my dog walks in early morning when the ground is still frozen, or after sundown as temperatures drop quickly. Shawna knows about getting dried off before you go inside, but Emma (born in the desert) thinks it's totally superfluous and a royal pain.

It is too slippery for riding or hiking, so we are putting our time to good use in the workshop. Dan put the first of 4 bookcases together and it looks great. I will be swinging the paintbrush tomorrow, and probably the next couple of days, while Dan cuts molding and assembles more cases. The display cases will take a bit more time probably, and another trip to Tucson for glass, lights and sundries.

I also wanted to post a photo Dan took 2 days ago of our resident roadrunner (especially for my blog friend Webb, who is partial to those great birds). Beep!

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webb said...

Thank you! thank you! thank you, Dan! She's lovely! Wouldn't she like a little visit to Virginia? We have great bugs here.... just sayin'...

ps: the office looks wonderful!