January 20, 2011

Old friends

Jon and Barb stopped by en route from Oregon to Florida. We had not seen them for 5 or so years, and even then it was a very brief visit. This time they stayed for a couple of nights and gave us the opportunity to take them for a little hike. It is good to get out and stretch those legs during a road trip. Barb just finished the Inca Trail in Peru last year, and both of them are still the avid hikers we knew them to be in Oregon.

We had a great day visiting; I find it comforting and wonderful that there are still people that you can connect with as if no time had passed since the last time you saw them. Dan and I had a great time and hope that it will not be another > 5 years before we enjoy their company. After all, I have known Jon and Barb longer than I have known Dan, and that has been more than 30 years.

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webb said...

There is absolutely nothing so nice as visiting with old friends - whether for dinner and dominoes or for a couple of days. It's the picking up right where you left off that is so special. So glad you had a great visit.