January 23, 2011

A typical winter Sunday

While Dan was finishing the doors for the display cabinet in the library, I headed for the garden in sunshine. It was cool, but a good time to renovate the herb bed. Whatever possessed me to put perennial herbs in the garden? They should be planted outside along the garden path.

So with some effort I dug up the marjoram and thyme plants, and disposed of the damaged drip lines. Of course with one job comes another: the never-ending repair. In my zeal I lost my balance and stepped on the irrigation faucet. Then I hauled out the manure sieve and the wire had separated from the wood, which takes a beating here in our desert sun. So that adds 2 jobs to the Danny-Do list. Good thing he is such a nice guy about it.

I did a pruning number on the grape vines (the book says to remove 80% of last year's growth) and they are looking "trim". To my dismay I noticed that one of the apple trees is trying to leaf out; I may give it a couple of days to see whether the tree is truly serious about it and if it is, there is nothing for it but to prune, in spite of it probably not making its chilling requirements. I harvested some kale for dinner and checked on the hens. They are doing very well, and seem to be quite happy laying eggs again.


webb said...

I know it's all work, but I am so very jealous that it is warm enough to get outside and do any of that. I'm staying close to the fire and working on indoor things for a few more weeks. We didn't even get the January thaw this year! I hate climate change!

Anneke said...

It's why we moved to the desert. I used to hate January with its PNW dark skies and wetness. And frankly, I enjoy the work.