January 16, 2011

Winter damage

The opuntia ficus indica is marginally hardy in our growing zone, and it is obvious that 11 degrees does a number on it.

However, the roots are still in tact and it will probably regrow. I cleaned up the damaged pads, but left a few that had already been nibbled on by a jack rabbit. It's no wonder the animals like this cactus as the glochids are few (but certainly there), and the flesh succulent. This is the variety that the Mexicans eat as nopalitos. Now might be a good time to try some.

1 comment:

webb said...

Well, at 11 degrees I wouldn't look so good either! But you know plants. They will come back after some pretty severe conditions. Love it and leave a good bit of it, and I bet it will be back in the good weather.

Glad you left some for the rabbits, tho.