February 3, 2011

This is a bit unusual

We woke up to 2.7 degrees this morning. The lowest temperature we had seen here in 6 years, until this year when we saw 11 degrees in January, was 19. We are not used to this! The house weathered it fine: it is so good to have electricity and propane ... It makes you appreciate civilization.

Unfortunately the outbuildings are not as fortunate. We shut off all water to them, but that means we are bringing water to horses and chickens, after removing about 1 inch worth of ice on the troughs. And the water pipe between the pump and the water tanks is frozen in spite of previous precautions. As of right now, the pump is operational, so with an electric heater on the pipe, we should be back in (water) business soon.

Meanwhile, we cater to the animals. I have thrown out pounds of seed for the wild birds and keep a small container of hummingbird nectar ready inside as the one outside freezes quickly. There was still a Costa's hummer out there this morning. I will need to go out hourly to keep the water in the wildlife dish liquid, and keep an eye on the chicken water or there will not be any eggs.

The east wind is now picking up and although the temp is currently 10.6, it feels like single digits. Time to build a little fire in the fire place. Think warm thoughts and drink hot chocolate.

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webb said...

OMG! I am speechless. Cannot - and don't want to - imagine this much cold. Please be careful and take care.