January 30, 2011

Bed prep

Like every gardener, I look forward to the best garden season yet. And like every gardener, I can't wait to get started. I am lucky here in Arizona, because in Oregon I would have to wait until the soil dried out and was workable (in May), aside from the abundant sunny days that I can work outside here.

So I decided to concentrate on bed preparation this year, and sift the horse manure that I add to every bed at least once a year. We live in a rocky place, and by adding the manure I invariably add rocks. No more! It is a simple system, but it works like a charm and I add the detritus to the bottom of the garden fence to make it yet more difficult for some animal to dig into "heaven". One tractor bucket per bed.

Meanwhile I am keeping an eye on the budding fruit trees. The buds are getting fatter, but no green yet. I hope they will delay a little longer as we are bound to get more frost. Like this coming week. I do hope my seed order arrives and that I can get some lettuce started and think about planting peas. Or am I too early, Phil?


webb said...

I honestly don't have a clue when one plants peas in Arizona, but I always heard that one plants them on George Washington's birthday. Let's see... it's not really the third Monday in February. If 8th grade history is not letting me down, it's Feb.22. That does actually seem to work in zone 7, so I would guess that you might go 1 - 2 weeks earlier for every zone different. I am guessing you are 7 or 8, but don't actually know.

Could you send a load of that manure my way?

Anneke said...

We are in zone 7, and I think I will wait until mid Feb to plant those peas. It's just so tempting when the sun is out ...

As for a load of horse poop, not a problem! I would even sift it for you :-).