December 30, 2010

Office redo: phase 1 complete

We have been busy this week with the office remodel, and it is starting to look great. I painted the walls, and we love the new green, and Dan has been busy building new table supports/computer towers. Two of the "legs" are holding our computers. We also did some small rearrangement of the legs so the dogs have a perfect cave, and the microscope will be more accessible.

A number of details are still being addressed: right now molding is being cut to finish off the table supports, and I will be painting them momentarily (hopefully I will not be lost in the whiteout on my way to shop/shed). A new dog bed cover is on its way here, and the cabling and wiring will still be made invisible. Far from done, but great progress. And that before year's end!

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webb said...

Look at that light! What a great place to work. I am very jealous!