April 11, 2010

What a ham!

Gorgeous weather this morning. I just love being able to have the front door open all night and early in the morning. Frankly, it's open 24 hours a day now. It being Sunday we did our Stronghold "conditioning" hike. Not just endurance for horses, it's for us too. We did the 5.18 miles in 1 hour 42 minutes at an average of 3 mph. Elevation gain 959 feet.

On our way back we drove by a beautiful field of Mexican Gold poppies, which are in bloom everywhere. I could not resist taking a picture, and asked Emma to bring some perspective to the shot. She sat down where asked, and when I started shooting, she gave me every profile possible, about 6 shots worth. That dog is just too much! Here is my favorite, and a close up of those ephemeral little flowers.

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webb said...

I envy you your poppies. They just will not grow (long) in central Virginia. I did plant a pot this spring and so far have three blooms, but it came with three buds, so no real gain there. Have planted them, and planted them, and.... well you get the picture. I love your field and your model!