April 28, 2010

Second hideout

On Monday we took Bueno and Buggsy out on the flats; first of all to make sure that Buggs was sound again, and to add some distance and speed to their usual routine. Everything went great, and it is apparent that we are not stressing these horses at all. I lengthened my stirrups one hole, and that made it a lot easier on my knees. Overall, it was a great ride.

Later today a weather system will be moving in and we are looking forward to a lot of wind the rest of the week, so we decided to take a little conditioning ride into the mountains. Destination: the Second Hideout. (The First Hideout being too close to be any challenge at all). These hideouts are well-known in our riding community, and wild stories abound. We think these holes in the rock were used by miners in days past, rather than being hiding places for the various outlaws, but after all, this is The West...

The Second Hideout is a little over 3 miles from our gate and has an elevation gain of 885 feet, so the boys did get to use their muscles a bit. I think I heard some minor grumbling as it is more fun to run on flat ground apparently. But we had a great ride, and let the horses graze at the destination. The grass is too good and juicy to pass up right now, especially because they are on dry rations at home.

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webb said...

I can't wait until retirement to be able to spend my days doing that. My "that" will be a bit different, but I love the feel of it. Enjoy!