April 8, 2010

Enjoying the weather

It is a perfect spring day today, and we took advantage by getting "stuff" done around the ranch. Barbara and Dan shot elevations in the barn for a new concrete pad between the tackroom and Buggsy's stall to provide level footing for horse shoeing, and a more stable surface for us carrying tack back and forth.

Meanwhile, I did a quick inspection of the landscape and found that our Schott's yucca is putting out two, perhaps three, blooms this year. The senna is blooming, but not all trees have leafed out yet. It was great to see signs of life on the Arizona walnut and also on the newly planted pecan tree by the horse buckets. I know it does not show much, but you quickly forget how small plants started out.

The seedlings are doing well during the day in the coldframe and I may plant the flowers in the garden next week. If the nights get warmer (above 45 degrees), I may put in the tomatoes as well. The soil does heat up during the day, but the night are still very cool, with a skin of ice on the birdbaths, so I want to be careful in not planting too soon.

This is what horses do when humans are busy elsewhere. They'd better get their nap in now: tomorrow they will be called on to work some more. We are planning to add some LSD (long slow distance) to their repertoire.

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DJ said...

I would love to be a horse at the WD Ranch!