April 12, 2010

Planting time

I was running out of room in the cold frame, so I spent the morning in the garden getting some seedlings in the ground. It is always a scary time: plants are tiny and tender, and the sun is already hot and afternoon winds are often 25 mph.

So, the flowers I started from seed (the ones I got to sprout at least) are in the ground: calendula, bachelor buttons, cosmos, nicotiana, Mexican sunflowers. I also planted 6 tomato plants (all heirloom): Thessaloniki, Zapotec, Paul Robson and Amish Paste. I always have to take a picture of them as they stand so forlorn in their fortresses. It seems like overkill, but if it is like years before, they fill out their cages and then some.

I received the sunflower seeds for the Great Sunflower project, and because I lost many to the various wildlife last year, I am starting all of them in little pots, and Dan has fortification plans for when they go into the ground.

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webb said...

You don't have a garden - it's a veritable factory! What wonderful frames and supports. Can't wait to see it in july!