April 7, 2010

Road trip

During one of our infrequent neighbor get-togethers last fall, Marsha announced that she and Phil would be moving. To Las Cruces, New Mexico! It is not that we saw each other that frequently, though they lived just down the road, but I was upset. I enjoyed their company when we did meet. I decided then and there that Diane, Barbara, Lucy and I should go visit once they were settled in their new house. Just up and back, with enough time for a tour of the house, and lunch out.

Of course, with holidays and all, then with some remodeling on the Las Cruces house, and with all of us being busy with our own lives, time was lapsing rapidly, so I decided we should set a date or we would never go. Today was the day.

Lucy volunteered to drive, and I made muffins, eggs and coffee for an on-the-road breakfast. We left Cochise at 7 for the 3 hour and 15 minutes drive (and one hour time change). There is really not a lot to look at between here and there, but today the poppies were in bloom everywhere along the way. Fields and fields of them. Spectacular, thanks to our wet winter. Obligatory picture at the rest stop.

Phil and Marsha's house is lovely, and has a breathtaking view of the patio right when you come into the door. Their situation is opposite of ours: we are on foothills facing east, they are on foothills facing west. I found that New Mexico had a different feel than Arizona, but it's difficult to put a finger on exactly why.

We had a lovely lunch in Old Mesilla, at La Posta, made another quick tour of the yard and left around 3 so that we would be home before dark. It was great seeing Phil and Marsha again, and next time I will take Dan as he missed out on lunch at one of our all-time favorite Mexican restaurants.

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