April 27, 2010

Arena work

We have bought some useful tractor tools in the last couple of months. Our friend Phil did not need a disk on his new property in New Mexico, so we were happy to take that off his hands. Dan runs it in the arena to "clean up" and mix in horse manure to improve the footing. This of course brings more rocks to the surface, a never-ending process when you live in the foothills.

So, we purchased a rock rake in hopes of being able to gather most of the large ones and remove them for landscaping purposes. Of course it improves the round pen as well. Some day, years from now, this will be the perfect garden spot: lots of organic matter and no rocks.

The horses looked on with some interest and Bueno made it a point to impede the tractor's progress at every opportunity, as if to say: how about going out for a ride again? Meanwhile, I wonder what's next for these boys. Featherbeds?

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