April 20, 2010

Some perspective

Buggsy appears to be healed from his sore knee. He blasts out of his stall in the morning at full gallop, and seems to canter and trot fine in the arena. I have taken him out a couple of times to do some in-hand work as he probably never had the benefit of a "formal education" (aka ground work), to improve his confidence. We have been doing leading exercises, and he learns so quick when you keep him relaxed by making it fun. A carrot treat now and then of course helps too.

But I decided to give Buggs another full week off before we started doing some extended rides again, so Bueno and Cody were tagged this morning. Bueno heard the words "endurance rides", and he has literally been chomping at the bit. He is a horse that is smart and at every opportunity will let you know: "I know how to do that, let me show you". Always eager to go, and best when he is the horse in front.

We had a great ride, longer and faster than our normal ones. I don't think that the horses will have any problem with these longer distance rides: their pulse rates were barely elevated when we got home. Nonetheless, Cody seemed to be whining "I am tired" toward the end, but then he has never been one eager to move. Bueno was ready for more. The one that needs the most training is me: I need more time in the saddle and get my knees used to riding with shorter stirrups. The minute I am off the horse I am fine, so it is a matter of doing it more and longer. Common, body: we are having fun!

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