January 19, 2010

I lead a charmed life

Cindy and I have been riding quite a bit in the afternoons. I take out Cody because we feel he is in need of work. That horse is spoiled, in a getting-his-lazy-way kind of spoiled. And guess who is to blame? Well, never mind. Cindy has three mares and a gelding and two of the mares think that Cody is "A Love". Especially her youngest, Sophie, appears to be quite smitten and there is a lot of heavy breathing on the trail. We now call Cody "Sophie's Boy".

But yesterday I got a reality check. I don't know whether Cody thinks that he has had to work too much, or whether he is complaining about his bit (we don't see any reason why he should), but at one of the washes we crossed, he reared on the up-side. And I came off. No harm done: landed on my butt. Got right back on and we continued our ride as if nothing had happened.

When I got home I found I had lost the cell phone, which had been clipped to my jeans. After Cindy accompanied me home on a different horse, she backtracked our ride but did not find it.

So this morning, under threatening skies, Dan and I walked our 4 mile horse loop backwards, and we did find the phone! I thought I might have lost it where I came off the horse, but it was way at the beginning of our ride. It was just starting to rain a bit, but after seeing Cindy who was walking her dogs, and giving her the good news, we did make it home before more rain fell. It looks like a good afternoon to curl up with a book, and Emma, on the couch. The forcast is for "rainy weather" the rest of the week.

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DJ said...

Amen to the charmed life...enjoy it!

Love, Denise