January 22, 2010

It is very wet

It looks like this will be an Oregon-type of day: it has a hard time getting light. Here it is 7 am and there is barely a glimmer of dawn. It has been raining most of the night and so far our weather station has measured 1.42 inches today. For the year we are over 2.5 inches! The storm was preceded by very high winds last night and although we were able to secure the items we usually move during windy times, such as the picnic table and chairs and some plants, we have sustained some damage. The bird feeder stand is down, and our ranch sign was blown off the barn.

Bueno and Cody must think they are back in the PNW. Buggsy, who generally enjoys wet weather, has sought higher ground in his stall and I noticed he was mostly dry, so this weather must be even a bit much for him. Frankly, I am glad for this major soak of the desert, which has been in need of moisture for quite awhile.

Now I will just wait until we have some more light and I can go out and take pictures. I had planned to go to Tucson to go grocery shopping but more rain, and snow, is in the forecast so I decided to wuss out and make do through the weekend. It's not that we will be going hungry. And yes, our health is, most thankfully, back to normal.

A little later. The dogs were itching to go for a walk after having been cooped up for a couple of days, so we went. It was refreshing: the desert smelled great and afforded a different perspective with all the bare branches wet and black. The only thing is the dry-off routine when we got home ... It is a bit of a struggle with Emma who is not used to being rinsed and dried, and Shawna, though she remembers well, is not a great fan of the procedure. Thankfully I kept at least part of our stack of doggie towels.


Shannon said...

We have had a lot of rain and mud lately and Chandler has been getting a lot of "undercarriage washes" after romps in the park- not his favorite, but he gives us a look like, "Well at least you've left me partially dry. I guess I won't report you to the SPCA after all."

webb said...

It'll be interesting to see how all this rain affects your spring vegetation - you may have a gorgeous view later. Here in Central Virginia we have clay soil, so I am worried about root rot, but suspect that your dirt is much sandier and it's probably not doing that kind of damage. Know you'll show us what it looks like! Don't mold.