January 29, 2010

New calves

When I came home from the morning walk, I heard a cow bellow. That is a bit unusual because the nearest herd is next to Cindy's, about a mile away as the crow flies. I did not think much more about it until I talked to Cindy who reported that "the cows next door had their babies, and they are so cute!".

It had all begun when the gate that we used to ride through was locked, then some cows and an old horse moved in. The horse, whom Cindy called Helen, started spending time with Cindy's mares, and it was not long before Helen was being fed alfalfa and quality bermuda along with Pearl, Jazz and Sophie.

Then, this morning, the new calves. I ran over to take a look and some pictures, and these cows are the best-looking Arizona cows that I have seen. Even the bull was nice looking and decent to his "girls". Of course the calves were as cute as they can be. Some of them were born a couple of days ago, but there definitely were newborns too.

Later this morning Cindy got to talk with the cows' and Star's (the old mustang mare) owner, and no wonder these cows look so good: they are all pets and all have names! These are the luckiest, and happiest, cows/calves in the county: loved by their owner and getting additional love and feed from Cindy.

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Gail said...

Wonderful babies!