January 6, 2010


I have a new friend and riding partner. Cindy is moving into the neighborhood from Vermont, via South Carolina and Tucson, and, in my opinion, she is a Horsewoman. The first time we met she loaned me this wonderful, and light, saddle, which I have been riding ever since.

We have been out together a couple of times: once she showed us new country out by her place, two miles from us, and Dan and I showed her a couple of trails in the National Forest.

Cindy has 4 horses, who all get exercised very regularly. This will be a good incentive for me this winter to put some miles on Cody, and give him more experience. I think our riding styles and philosophy on horse keeping are very similar, and I look forward to many miles in the saddle with Cindy.


Gail said...

Enjoy...this just opened many new doors.

Lisa said...

I love this blog! Cindy is my sister and I am most proud! Very nice!