January 3, 2010

Flash visits

Our niece, Shannon, made a quick stopover with her fiance yesterday after having spent New Year's with Jon's parents in Scottsdale. Dan was just about to go and get the mail when they arrived and it took little convincing on my part to get Shannon on Bueno to ride down to the mailbox (1.5 miles). It was fun to see her loping along, with Dan on Cody behind, puffing mightily. When they got back Dan took Jon and Bueno to the National Forest, but they quickly returned at sundown.

We had a nice, though too brief, visit. We are looking forward to more riding and hiking with those two.

Here was another flash visit. I don't think this coyote belongs to one of our neighborhood packs, but she was so thirsty. She came by again today.

We spent the rest of today putting Christmas away. I am ready to get on with the year, and my routine. I must be getting old ... I do wonder when I put the ornaments away what life will be like when I unwrap them again. Will life still be as wonderful?

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Gail said...

You can make it wonderful.