November 1, 2009

The ugly chicken

Egg production has fallen off during the last month. This is normal because the days are getting shorter. But also, the hens are getting older. This means larger eggs, but fewer of them. And to top it all off, they were molting. This is a good thing really, because some hens, especially the smaller black ones, were practically bald from bigger hens picking at them and pulling feathers. Did I mention that chickens are not very nice creatures?

Anyway, this molt, two of the what-I-called-plucked black chickens have feathered out nicely and have gone from "the ugly black one" to Black Beauty. Also one of the 3 Auracanas (which are my favorite chickens because they are friendly, and not mean to others) has become a beauty. This one's name is Goldy, of course.

There is still one black hen growing new feathers. Talk about ugly! She is very shy right now of all other chickens because they are inclined to pull on those blood-filled new quills, so it is difficult to get a picture of her. But, probably sometime next week, she will be the next Black Beauty.

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