November 19, 2009

Approach routes

Dan had been intrigued by some trails coming off the road to the Stronghold, and we decided to explore them today. These trails, or rather tracks, are rough, but Subie always seems to be up to the task. They all head toward the rock walls that make up the north side of the canyon and are used by the rock climbers.

No sooner had we started on our exploration and another car limped up with a couple of California climbers who were looking for ways up the walls. We talked for awhile and learned that the Stronghold is becoming increasingly popular with the rock climbing crowd: there were even some climbers from France in the campground. Mmm, do I see a business opportunity...? A little B and B, rent them gear, ... may be not.

Unfortunately, the hiking in the area is limited: all trails quickly end at some sheer cliff, but we poked around what we could, and even found yet another abandoned mine.

We can say that we have explored there and real hiking is limited, but that the scenery is spectacular.

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