November 25, 2009

No transportation required

It was another day for exploration, and our destination was a hill, or rather a saddle between two hills, that we look out on from our livingroom window. So, we walked out our backdoor and just made a beeline across the bajada for it.

I am either getting more used to hiking on 45 degree slopes, or this was not as scary as some of the other hillsides we have been on. We spooked a deer who showed us the way up, and apparently this is where the deer hang out: lots of trails and poop.

The saddle rewarded us with a spectacular view into the Stronghold, not unexpected, but breathtaking nonetheless. We decided to climb the lower of the two hills and it gave us a great view of the valley and the WD.

We even found an ocotillo in bloom on the top, and had some great Stronghold views through a rock outcropping.

Going down is as much of a challenge for me as going up because my eyes are on Dan's shoes and I end up having to stop a lot to pick up interesting looking rocks. We came home with our hands full, including what looks to be a piece of pure iron ore, to be viewed through the microscope and displayed in the coffee table.

What a great hike, and one that we will certainly do again.

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