November 24, 2009

Around the ranch this morning

The driveway entry project is a bit slow: this year we seem to be more into hiking and riding than projects. Frankly, I really enjoy both the recreation and the working. But today we decided to pour the footings for the driveway entry sign. It was a little job, and it certainly helps to have the right tools. Next will be the building of some wooden frames to provide the support for the rock work. It will be a new adventure.

I also potted up some native plants that I bought in the nursery yesterday. I have had to move the summer plants by the entry into more protected environs because none of them are freeze hardy, but the entry without any plants was just too bare. These guys are more robust as well as nice looking, and I decided that I may just keep the Aleppo pine by the front door until he outgrows his pot.

Meanwhile, this is what horses do after breakfast. I think that Bueno and Cody still remember Oregon where they would be standing knee-deep in mud this time of year. They had better rest up because one of them is going out this afternoon ...

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