November 17, 2009

The back gate

We have worn a discernible path from the back of our property to the National Forest boundary over the last couple of years. We just ride through a hole that we cut in our back fence, and away we go, across State land and there we are.

However, this being hunting season, there are a lot more people in the Forest, most of them on ATVs. (Did you know that deer are attracted to them?). We don't want people to assume that because there is a path and a hole in the fence, it is ok to come onto our place. Arizona is a "fence-out" state, where it is your responsibility to keep animals and people off your property if you so desire: no fence, it's a free for all.

So, we repaired the fence and put up a small gate today, easily opened from horseback. And, if you are a reader of this blog, of course you are authorized to use it.

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