August 4, 2009


During monsoon season we get some beautiful sunsets. Usually there are storms around, causing the setting sun to light up different parts of the valley. It is like a lightshow, highlighting various features that otherwise you might not have paid attention to. Tonight the western sky was just ablaze.

We are fortunate to take in some of these views because we take off the horses' flymasks when the sun is down and the flies have decided to go to bed too.

When we were in the barn, one of the nesting boxes caught my eye. I thought that a bird had finally decided to build a nest there. Dan made these nesting shelves this winter to help the birds as the barn nests are prone to being blown down. But we hung them too low and although there is a nest 3 feet away, these shelves have remained empty. Guess who was roosting there?

A roadrunner!

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