August 19, 2009

Orchard beginnings

Dave had the Tonka Toy (aka backhoe) fixed, and because September is the best month to plant fruit trees (or really any kind of tree), I asked Dan to start digging holes. Our local gardening expert, who has yet to steer me wrong, requires a 5'x5'x5' hole for a fruit tree, so it is easy to see why I waited until Tonka was available. We added 3 tractor buckets of old horse manure to each hole to get the trees off to a good start.

We are putting the first trees on the north side of the garden, between it and shop/shed. It should provide some shade for shop/shed as well as making it pleasant to sit on its porch, without shading the garden.

I am planning on 6 trees this year, yet to be bought in Tucson. It will depend on availability what will be planted, but I am eyeing some peaches, apples, prune, and perhaps a fig tree. The latter may be a bit tender, but it is a sheltered spot so I am giving it a try. There is nothing like fresh figs.


Emily said...

Hope everything is ok. It has been quite a while since your last posting!

Anneke said...

Hi, Emily! So you are checking up on me ;-). Love it! Everything is fine, just not much to blog about. The orchard is about to be planted though, so stand by. Thanks for your comment!