August 7, 2009

Mesquite beans

It is still hot in the afternoons, but somehow I do get the feeling of late summer. There are lots of tunas (fruits) on the prickly pears, but I noticed during our ride this morning that a lot of the mesquite beans have already disappeared. They are harvested, and eaten, by a lot of animals because of their protein content, and they are sweet to boot. Emma even snatches them from the lower branches. But then is there anything remotely edible that she passes up?

Buggsy loves mesquite beans. He probably learnt to eat them during a previous lifetime. Perhaps the kids at the Baptist Camp fed them to him (in addition to ham sandwiches and heaven knows whatever else), or guests at Grapevine offered them to him (when he was in his corral). I did that kind of thing too when I was a guest there.

There were just a couple of bushes with beans left this morning, and I did let Buggs get a couple. I told Linda about his affinity and of course she indulged him too. Here he is nibbling beans out of her pocket after one of her rides last month.

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