August 18, 2009

Boating with Emma

We went back to Patagonia Lake today: Dan, Emma and I. It was half-off-boat-rent day, and I really wanted to take Emma boating. She loves the water, and she loves going places with us. Not only is she a good hiker, she turned out to be a good boater too. And, she stayed in the boat when she was told too.

It was a lovely day, and I much enjoyed being out on the water. It was only my second time in a canoe, but if I lived a little closer I think I would buy one and spend more time there. Fun exercise!

We circumnavigated about three-fourths of the lake, hugging the shore line most of the time. I love to see what all is going on there, wildlife-wise. We disturbed a number of blue herons and coots, and it is great that you can get so close, just gliding by.

The lake has a number of inlets and small islands and we had our lunch in a secluded spot, tied up to an overhanging tree. It is amazing to look up on shore and see cacti and ocotillos: water and the desert together. We went ashore a number of places, giving Em the opportunity to get wet. What a great day!

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